Emma's Midsummer Cruise

Hits from 70's until today

A once in a lifetime party at the sea

Emma’s Midsummer Party Cruise will take you to celebrate the Finnish midsummer to the beautiful archipelago of Helsinki. The DJ plays best hits from 70’s until today,
and he will make sure you will enjoy the experience!

During the cruise, you will see the most stunning views of the Helsinki archipelago. You will also have a chance to see the magical midsummer bonfires during the party cruise.

Friday 24.6.2022

Timetable 18:00 - 22:00

Age limit: 24

Tickets 33 € / person

Tickets with dinner 69 € / person

Get your tickets well in advance​

Emma’s Midsummer Party Cruise is filled with laughter, catchy dancing music, and tasty food and drinks. Our party cruises sell out every time, so when you want to ensure your place at our midsummer party boat, buy tickets today!

M/S Emma

Step onboard  our ultimate party cruiser! M/S Emma is an entertainment cruiser ship where we can offer tailored catering, music, and bar services in one.

M/S Emma has a cozy dining salon downstairs, and upstairs you can welcome your guests at the entertainment deck, which is equipped with a world-class sound reproduction system, dancefloor, and a bar. The cozy dining salon downstairs welcomes up to 104 guests.

On summer days, you can enjoy the sunshine on our solar deck on the roof. And when the evenings are getting darker from August, our charming lightning system will intensify the atmosphere.

Asiakkaamme sanovat

Marjo Tähtinen
Marjo Tähtinen
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Super iso kiitos eilisestä risteilystä. Oli kyllä niin hauskaa, että tulemme aivan varmasti uudestaan.
Tiina Kiiski
Tiina Kiiski
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Loistava tapa viettää iltaa, hyvää ruokaa ja mahtavaa musaa sekä kaupan päälle mielettömät maisemat joraukselle
Miira S. Tall
Miira S. Tall
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Huikean hieno kokemus! Musiikki täydellisen tanssittavaa, henkilökunta ystävällistä ja iloista, buffet maittavaa ja ihanan kesäistä.
Tiina Puro
Tiina Puro
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Kesäinen discoristely oli loistava! Varmasti tullaan uudestaan
Anu Nöthen
Anu Nöthen
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Ihan paras bileristeily
Kati Sarkkinen
Kati Sarkkinen
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Loistava discoristeily 30.6. vaikka kovaa myrskyä oli säätiedote luvannut niin laivalla ei keinuttanut yhtään.
Veli-Matti Kunnari
Veli-Matti Kunnari
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Tosi magee tapa bileillä. Hyvät äänentoistot ja yllättävänkin tilava tanssilava.
Sanna Yli-Hakula
Sanna Yli-Hakula
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Ehdottomasti suosittelen bileristeilyjä! Mahtava henkilökunta!
Satu Schroderus
Satu Schroderus
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Aivan mahtava risteily 😊 Suosittelen 🎵🎶🎤
Tanja Pistool
Tanja Pistool
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Mari Kivikoski
Mari Kivikoski
Read More
Aivan mahtava Helmidisco! Suosittelen kaikille 70 ja 80 luvun musiikkiystäville!
Ulf Dahlman
Ulf Dahlman
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Super feeling. Very good service to a good price

Cruise tickets with the buffet are 71 € (please note: you have to order and pay the buffet beforehand).

G = Gluten-free, L = Lactose-free.

Emma's Midsummer Party Cruise Menu

Chicken Caesar (L,G)

Lime gravlax (L,G)

Dill pickles (L,G)

Herbal cheese and melon salad with mango-chili vinaigrette (L,G)

Traditional herring (L,G)

Lamb meatballs with rosemary mint-yoghourt (L,G)

Bread (L) and spread (G)


Pork neck in creamy pepper sauce L/G

Potatoes with butter and chive L/G

Drinks menu

Departure and arrival pier

Linnanlaituri (Helsinki Market Square)

Terms of purchase

All cruise tickets purchases are binding and final, and they cannot be returned or canceled. If you happen to have an overpowered force majeure case, we can discuss our policy individually case by case.


Does the weather affect the cruise? What if the weather gets chilly or rainy?

M/S Emma boat is well equipped for the Finnish weather, so no worries! If the weather changes, we can add a roof to our sun deck. Inside of the boat is heated, and our sun deck has infrared heating. The sun deck walls are glass.

What if the wind gets hard?

We are cruising mostly in the archipelago, where the strongest winds rarely come. If the wind gets stronger, we can change our route and go near the islands, which will protect us from the wind. Our boat does dot swing even when the wind is strong.

Is there a cloakroom for the clothes?

Unfortunately, there is no cloakroom in the boat.

Can I bring my drinks and food to the boat?

You are not allowed to bring your food or drink. Enjoy our buffet and bar instead!

Can I buy tobacco or tobacco related products on the boat?

We do not sell any tobacco or tobacco related products on the ship.

How can I pay on the board?

You can make payments on the board with the most common credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

Private cruise reservation terms

1. Sun Ferry Ltd. booking and cancellation terms

Sun Ferry Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the owner of the ships, follows the subsequent terms and conditions in the booking and cancellation of any vessels. The present terms and conditions are binding to both parties upon written confirmation of the order by the customer a day prior to the date at which the order is due. The customer is obliged to cancel any order that will not be executed.

2. Booking and payment terms

The food served on board ship is to be ordered and stated prior to but no later than fourteen days before departure. The cost for the ship as well as the food to be served will be billed according to the number of people included in the order which notification the customer will provide seven days prior to the cruise. Drinks will be billed according to actual consumption. As means of payment, we also accept general debit and credit cards (Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa Electron, OK purchase vouchers and American Express). We reserve the right to amend price lists without any advanced notification.

The Sun Ferry Ltd. has the right to terminate the contract in cases where the previously agreed reservation price has not been paid by the date at which such payment is due. The booking payment will be dealt with along with the final billing after the event.

3. Cancellations

The ‘cancellation day’ is the day on which Sun Ferry Ltd. receives information on any such cancellation. In cases where the customer proves that the cancellation has been sent out early enough to be received by the date required, cancellation will be accepted even if it has been received late or has not arrived at all.

Where the customer cancels a confirmed ship’s booking between zero to twenty days before the departure date, the contract price will be charged. Where the customer cancels a confirmed ship’s booking between 21-45 days before the departure date, 50 % of the contract price will be charged. Cancellations made more than 45 days prior to departure will be charged a handling fee of 100 euros.

Where catering services are cancelled by the customer between zero to six days prior to the event, the full price of the expenditure calculation will be charged. Where the customer cancels services which have been ordered from the Sun Ferry Ltd. cooperation partners, the terms and conditions which are in force for the respective cooperation partner are to be followed.

4. Terms of transport

Once the transportation of passengers and freight has been undertaken, terms will apply that can be read from the following web site: www.www.sunlines.fi. The transportation terms are also available in the Sun Ferry Ltd. office. The liabilities of the Sun Ferry Ltd. are limited according to Finnish Maritime Law.

5. Reclamations

Any potential complaints must be presented immediately to the staff or a member of the crew.

In cases where this is not possible, where there was no satisfactory solution agreed upon in regard to a complaint, or the complaint is accompanied by a claim for a refund, any claim must be presented in writing within one calendar month of the relevant event, to be sent by email to the following address: sunlines@sunlines.fi. The handling period for complaints by the Sun Ferry Ltd. is one calendar month.

6. Other information

The Sun Ferry Ltd. is not liable to pay compensation for any potential damages or expenses which are incurred by the customer which result from natural conditions such as sudden weather changes.

The Sun Ferry Ltd. has the right to cancel the booking in cases of force majeure. If such a case arises, the customer is entitled to a full refund. The Sun Ferry Ltd. has the right to cancel any booking in cases where payments related to the booking are not paid by the date at which such payments are due.

Terms of transport

  1. The charterer is Sun Ferry Ltd. The transportation contract is between the charterer and the passenger.
  1. The passenger undertakes to follow the vessel’s regulations and security regulations during the entire duration of the cruise.
  1. The charterer is liable for any personal injuries which passengers may suffer and which were due to an accident or accidents during the voyage in cases where any such accident was caused by a mistake by the charterer or neglect on behalf of the charterer or other any person who is operating within the charterer’s area of responsibility. The same considerations apply to damages due to any damage or destruction to luggage or in regard to any delays which are incurred for any reason.
  1. The customer undertakes to prove that any potential damage to their luggage or them themselves has been caused by a mistake by or negligence on behalf of the charterer or any other person who is operating within the charterer’s area of responsibility.
  1. The charterer’s liability is governed by § 15 of Finnish Maritime Law and is, according to § 15, limited to one passenger, with any and all damages which are incurred on the same voyage being accumulated as follows:
  • 175,000 SDR for personal injuries
  • 4,150 SDR on any passenger transportation delays
  • 1,800 SDR in cases of loss, damage or delays involving baggage
  • 10,000 SDR for a vehicle
  • 2,700 SDR in cases of the loss or damage of, or delays to, any other baggage. Additionally, the charterer is entitled to appeal to § 9 of the Maritime Law.

Liabilities will incur total liability rates according to § 5. The passenger’s own risks:

  • 20 SDR on baggage and delay damages
  • 150 SDR on vehicle damages
  • According to the Special Drawing Right, the SDR is a unit which is determined by the International Monetary Fund with a rate which at 4/10/2013 is set at 1 SDR = EUR1.1321.
  1. The charterer is not held liable for the following:
  • personal injuries or damages to hand baggage as well as any delays which have occurred before the passenger stepping aboard the vessel or before their baggage is brought aboard the vessel and after the passenger has left the vessel or their baggage has been taken off the vessel.
  • money, securities, art or valuables.
  1. The officers, crew and other persons who fall under the area of responsibility of the charterer also bear the aforementioned limitations and liability exemptions.
  1. Claims which are regulated by these terms and conditions shall be presented to Maritime Law in jurisdiction according to the charterer’s business location or the main area of practice for its business.
  2. On other issues the provisions of Finnish Maritime Law shall be applied.

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