Let our ships take you out to the beautiful archipelago to relax and enjoy

Finns believe that summer is not truly a summer without the sunshine, blue sea and beautiful flavours of the season. Our boats will take you and your guests to see the beautiful archipelago whether you want to organise a memorable event for your customers or peers, family occasion or a party for your friends.

M/S Emma is especially built for entertainment purposes and its operating season is from May 1st to September 30th. M/S Tor and M/S Suokki are robust ice breakers that can operate throughout the year and they carry up to 396 passengers.



Hop on board the ultimate party cruiser!
The cosy dining salon downstairs welcomes up to 104 guests. Step on board and take a chance with this opportunity to organise the most unique party in Helsinki. M/S Emma is an entertainment cruiser ship where we can offer festive catering and entertainment in one package.

M/S Emma has a cosy dining salon downstairs and in upstairs you can welcome your guests at the entertainment deck which is equipped with world-class sound reproduction system, dancefloor and a bar. Guests can follow the programme from the TV screens on all decks. At the solar deck the roofing can be opened so that guests can enjoy the sunshine and the charming lightning system will intensify the atmosphere in the darkening evenings.

All these features are included into the price when you order a lunch or evening cruise for your group.



  • EUR 1990 for the first 3 hours
  • Extra hours EUR 300 per hour
  • VAT 10% included in prices
  • Built in 1948 – In 1999-2000 updated for restaurant ship purposes
  • Length 28,5 meters, width 6,8 meters
  • Passenger capacity 214
  • Buffet serving option on upper and lower decks
  • Drink bars in dining salon and on sun deck
  • Upper deck equipped with openable roof and infrared heating system, upper bar and interior upholstery and textiles renewed
  • Lightning system at the upper deck renewed
  • Fully licensed
  • Convertible dining salon (max. 104 guests)
  • Sound system for background music
  • 3 screens, connectable to notebook for picture or video shows
  • Mechanised hot and cold buffets
  • Terrace tables for 110 passengers
  • Custom made, high-end sound system
  • DJ-desk
  • 4 screens, a camera to show live picture to all decks
  • Openable margins
  • Infrared heating system
  • 5 toilets
  • Wireless microphone
  • Radio & cd player


40 – 396 passengers

Excellent vessel for large groups. Available year-round.

Season 2019 prices

  • EUR1990 for the first 3 hours
  • Extra hours EUR300 per hour
  • VAT 10% included to the prices


  • Built in 1952
  • Length 35 meters, width 9 meters
  • Indoor space for 200 passengers
  • Total passenger capacity 396
  • Car deck for 2 vehicles


  • 1 toilet
  • Loudspeakers on all decks
  • Microphone



40 – 350 passengers

A true ice-breaker. Operates year-round. Massive and stable vessel with one lounge.

Season 2019 prices

  • EUR1990 for the first 3 hours
  • Extra hours EUR300 per hour
  • VAT 10% included to the prices
  • Built in 1992
  • Length 26 meters; width 6.8 meters
  • Capacity of sun deck 120 passengers
  • Total capacity 350 passengers


  • loudspeakers on all decks
  • microphone
  • one bathroom