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About SunLines

Good mood cruises since 1956

SunLines operates through the year between Market Square and Suomenlinna sea fortress with M/S Suokki and M/S Tor, and from May until September M/S Emma operates afterwork cruises, party cruises and private charter cruises. Our know-how is based on many years of experience and professionalism in organising cruises.

Our activities have developed as a family company into its present shape as a private limited company and a concern which includes two companies: Sun Lines Ltd and Sun Ferry Ltd. The companies practice reserved tours and regular tours on three fully owned ships. Even though the years have passed and the third generation of staff is already involved in our activities, something has remained the same: joy and a will to please our customers which comes from the heart is always evident with our successful cruise experiences.

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Quality, service and safety

Quality is the key factor in everything that we do at SunLines. To improve our efforts, we regularly measure the satisfaction levels of our customers. We strive to support the business activities of our customers by offering high-quality and customer-tailored services. Our goals are long lasting customer relations and the strong know-how of our personnel. We follow governmental regulations, legislation and seafaring regulations.

Certified know-how

Quality development is carried out by maintaining our quality systems, such as Lloyd’s Register audited ISO 9001, the security management system of the Finnish Marine Administration and Eco Compass environment system. The systems are under constant development in cooperation with the company management and personnel. Our personnel and management acknowledge and understand the existence of security, quality and environment systems and undertake to follow them.

The Strongest in Finland Platinum

The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate is awarded to a company whose Rating Alfa credit rating has been in the highest category for at least three consecutive years. The certificate is only awarded to the best of the best: around 9% of Finnish companies meet the certificate’s strict criteria. The rating verifies the company’s excellent financial indicators, positive background information and good payment behavior. A company that has earned the Strongest in Finland certificate creates strength in Finland’s economic life now and in the future. The certificate tells customers, partners, creditors and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company is on a sustainable basis. The certificate is based on Suomen Asiakastieto’s Rating Alfa credit classification. The certificate is issued by Suomen Asiakastieto Ltd.

Sustainable Travel Finland

Development must be sustainable for the travel industry to respond to changing demand and continue to grow in the future. Towards this end, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland programme for travel companies and regions in Finland. This programme is used to obtain the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Environmental policy/Eco Compass

We strive to reduce environmental impacts by working closely with our local stakeholders in particular, promoting the circular economy and favoring products and services that have less impact on the environment. When purchasing equipment and machines, we try to take into account their manufacturing chain, circulation, and the potential of new technology in reducing the burden on the environment. We are committed to constantly developing our operations, e.g. in accordance with the sustainable development action program.

Saving the Baltic Sea

We are involved in the John Nurminen Foundation’s Baltic Sea Rescue Forces as Corporate Sponsor. We support the John Nurminen Foundation’s activities to save the Baltic Sea.

Eutrophication is one of the biggest threats to the Baltic Sea. Its most visible signs are blue-green algae blooms, clouding of the water, siltation of beaches and lack of oxygen in the bottom areas. At the same time, the threat is that the valuable cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea will disappear.

The John Nurminen Foundation combats these problems. The projects focus on correcting the root causes of eutrophication and reducing the phosphorus load with concrete actions. The foundation’s maritime history-focused cultural activities are focused on the history of seafaring, discovery and cartography.

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